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The Bilpudi Mavli Mata Waterfall is one of the famous natural waterfalls in Kerala. It is located near Varkala in Alleppey district. It is believed to be the oldest known waterfalls in the world. It is popular for its refreshing and soothing sound that can soothe even the most stressed and overworked souls.

It is not just the peaceful sound of the waterfall that makes it interesting. Since its discovery in the 17th century, the Bilpudi Mavili has become an integral part of Keralian tourism. The beauty of this valsad Gujarat lake is so captivating that it has been used in many Keralian movies and even featured in several national level contests and award shows. The soothing sound of the waterfalls is the perfect accompaniment to almost all kinds of Keralian songs and music.

There are several attractions within a three to four kalarippu distance of the Bilpudi Mavli Mata Waterfall. This range includes an old Chinese fishing village called Sikkim which is present on the banks of the river. It is believed that this village was established around the time of the Cholao rulers. The old houses and even the fishing nets that are still in place to serve as witness to the long history of this region. They also act as an ideal location for a picnic.

Besides the old fishing villages, the Bilpudi Hills offers a picturesque setting to one of the most famous sights in Keralian cinema – the film ‘A Lovely Night’s Dream’. The film was based on the true story of a married woman who elopes with her brother to a hideout in the forests of Sariska. Here in the forests, the wife falls sick and passes away. However, before she dies, she wishes to see her husband’s village. However, due to the timely intervention of RK Films’ superstar Ajith Kumar, the wife is able to visit her beloved village.

The waterfall is not just the main attraction within the area. Located at a distance of almost seven kilometers from the town of Bilpudi, is a much smaller but equally beautiful hamlet called the Kothrudhams. It is here that you will find one of the best and tranquil beaches in the entire state of Orissa. It is a hilly region with steep slopes covered with trees and bushes. It is here that you will come across a charming hamlet called the Kothrud hamlet that is home to a very beautiful dam. The Bilpudi Mavli Mata Waterfall is just a few hundred meters away from where the hamlet of Kothrud is located.

You can reach the waterfall near the hamlet of Valsad through the wooden bridge that is constructed for this purpose. After reaching the waterfall, you can explore the surroundings of the hamlet of Kothrud as well as the surrounding forests and plantations of rubber and cotton. There are many interesting spots to view in and around Bilpudi including the stunning sunrise and sun set over the reservoir and the small valsad dam which are the only attractions of the town. Most tourists to Bilpudi make sure that they spend at least one evening at their favorite watering hole or at the small salad after visiting the Bilpudi waterfall.