Carpet Shampoo With Flea Killer

No one in your house likes these as a flea infestation. If your friends and family come to your house and make yourself feel uncomfortable with them, you will not like it and if it is on your carpet then you will feel the most messy. Keep scratching it occasionally, in the most inappropriate areas. Once family and friends learn that fleas have infested your home, they may not like to visit your home.

There are many options for this, fumigation is one option. Various professionals do this. By which the flea ends. But we teach you how to make your own carpet shampoo at home, a homemade carpet shampoo that kills fleas! You can easily protect your carpet from this. For this we are going to tell you the remedies below.

For this you can use Carpet Shampoo, which helps to kill it in a better way. We are going to tell you about how to use it. Today you get many types of Carpet Shampoo in the market which are capable of killing them, you can use them in your carpet cleaning.

How to Use Carpet Shampoo With Flea Killer

Before I tell you how to make your own carpet shampoo. Before that, let me tell you that the actual infection is not caused by adult fleas that scratch you and feel irritated. Instead, they are the pupa, larva, and egg (the four stages of the flea life cycle that you have to eliminate) with the highest proportion of flea infestations.

For this you will be placed in their comfortable areas like bedding, furniture (especially sofa), clothes and any other warm area. You can also clean them with the carpet, only then it will prove to be effective.

How to make carpet shampoo

We tell you that, for this you make your own homemade carpet shampoo which kills fleas. You will need the following items.


  • Baking soda
  • A special kind of weed

Through this you can make it for yourself. We are going to tell you about the method of making it. Let us tell you that diatomaceous earth is a fossilized algae that kills fleas. It is 100% safe even for pets. But it is effective at killing fleas. Along with this it is advisable to buy 100% food grade powder which does not give any problem.

To make carpet shampoo, use diatomaceous earth in this way.

Step 1: Mix baking powder and diatomaceous earth in a 1:1 ratio.

Firstly a wet solution of diatomaceous earth and baking powder is not useful. Therefore, for better cleaning, you should keep it away from moisture.

Step 2: Sprinkle Your Mixture on the Carpet

The prepared mixture should be sprinkled on the carpet. And spray it on couches, pets, and any other areas you think fleas are hiding. It is safe for pets and children, so don’t worry about it and use it on the carpet. Leave the powder on furniture, carpets and other areas for about 24 hours.

Step 3: Vacuum to suck up the mixture

You have to use vacuuming on the carpet when you put it on. Will collect all the powder, eggs, larvae, pupae and adult fleas. Even though the powder is safe, it can irritate your eyes and your breathing system when vacuuming. But you don’t need to worry about it.

Final words –

According to the above steps we have told you, in 10 to 14 days, you will get rid of fleas in your house for the fourth to sixth time. Many will go for cleaners alternatives to those used by professional fumigators. Also, toxic chemicals are used in these methods which are harmful to your kids, pets, environment and even you, so you can use such shampoo.


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