The Episode begins with Kulwant telling Mannat that Seher came to know it all. Choti Sardarni Written Update Seher says everybody is difficult in our family, our hearts are exceptionally obstinate to adore one another, and it was our willfulness to look through our Mannat and keep her with us, and it was your hardheadedness not to inform us anything regarding you. She inquires as to for what reason did you do this, and says she has done Mannat for her, and she saw as her. She embraces Mannat and gets close to home. Mannat additionally gets close to home. Kulwant expresses gratitude toward Baba ji for joining them. Seher says we will make everybody meet Mannat and not Manpreet. Mannat says we can’t tell anybody now, else our family will break. Seher says we are glad that you suspect as much about our family, however allow us an opportunity to ponder you. She says it will be shamefulness in the event that you don’t get your privileges, and says you truth is this family’s reality, we will tell it to everybody. Mannat requests that Kulwant make Seher comprehend, and lets Seher know that they have chosen not to tell anybody, else the house will break. Kulwant says she believes Mannat should prevail upon everybody first, and afterward we will tell them. Seher keeps Kulwant’s hand on Mannat’s chest and says she is our blood. She says Mannat has made relations with everybody from day 1, so why we will take the time. She says opportunity has arrived. Kulwant says alright, similarly as you say, I am with you.

Choti Sardarni Today Written Update

She says prior to uncovering reality, I maintain that somebody should join our group. Rajveer is with Prince and tells that he tracked down something. Seher comes there. Ruler tells that he is dealing with his venture. Rajveer tells that he has made drawing of King Mansion. Seher says babbar Mansion or King Mansion. Sovereign shows his sketch and says it is his US home. Rajveer says he is missing US home and his companions. Seher advises Raj that she needs to let him know something. She then, at that point, educates her concerning Harnoor and Mannat. Rajveer is stunned. Seher says Mannat was a similar young lady whom you had brought back. She says she is the piece of our home, very much like everybody is your family, Mannat is our family as well. Rajveer says how you will tell Bittu Mama and Mami. Seher says we need to make up for the difficulties which Mannat had confronted, we need to do this so give her name to her. She expresses sorry for telling him late. Rajveer says I am with you generally and believe you. Seher requests that he stand by as Nani and Mannat are sitting tight for him in the Gurudwara.

Choti Sardarni Serial Written Update

They arrive at Gurudwara. Mannat and Kulwant comes there. Rajveer keeps his hand on Mannat’s head and says your jiju is a higher priority than your sibling. He lets Kulwant know that she should be cheerful, as a colleague is added up. Kulwant says OK. They petition baba ji.

Mannat converses with Harnoor and says today is mother’s day and I will give you huge news today. She says my sister Seher and Dadi have acknowledged me and the last option guaranteed me that she will assist me with getting my privileges. She misses Harnoor and says I love you and I miss you. She says no one will fly off the handle, particularly Jeeto Aunty. Somebody calls her. Mannat says she will come.

Mannat emerges and gives lassi to everybody. Gini asks why this inhabitant is here? Jeeto says she is beautiful, let her be here. Seher says we will say one line for Mannat so she can settle in. Karan says she is correct. Kulwant says my family is finished with her. Karan says he feels some association with her. jeeto says bliss came in the house with her. Bittu says in the event that he had little girl, she would be like her, and their lives finishes with her. Mannat says even I feel something very similar and gets close to home. Seher says she is adulated a great deal. They make groups. They start antakshiri. Rajveer sings first. Kulwant sings straightaway. Seher figures she will draw out reality infront of everybody. Rajveer sings and hits the dance floor with jeeto. Seher sings straightaway. Choti Sardarni Written Update Mannat finishes the tune left by Bittu. They dance. Kulwant gets happy. Bittu and Mannat embrace one another. Kulwant requests that Karan’s group sing. Rajveer sings. Kulwant says now we will sing our family melody. The children glue the pics on the genealogical record outline. Mannat wished to hit the dance floor with her family on this melody. The children bring the outline. Jeeto says it is lovely, and inquires as to why Manpreet’s pic is with us on the genealogy. She says Seher did well, and inquires as to why her photograph is after Bittu, and why her name is mannat there. Seher lets Jeeto know that she goes by Mannat and not Manpreet and she is Bittu mom’s little girl. Jeeto and Bittu are stunned, as is the other relatives. Mannat gets mournful eyes.