Flea and Tick Carpet Cleaning

It is very important for you to clean the carpet of flea ticks, as they can harm you along with your carpet. Sometimes fleas become natural because of having pets in our house. It can get into the carpet in a humid late summer. It is very important to remove them from the carpet. In today’s post, we will tell you about how to remove fleas from the carpet.

We help pet owners at home regularly to keep their carpets fresh and germ free to make it look cleaner and better. Our experts are going to give you a general idea about carpet cleaning and difficult to eliminate pests.

Removing Fleas from Carpet Using a Vacuum

You can also clean them with the help of a vacuum. Instead of just pushing the vacuum cleaner back and forth, they can be removed using the nozzle attachment, paying special attention to baseboards and corners. If you worry that fleas are hanging around, vacuum every day for a week or two. Also you can easily get them out.

Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas?

Many people have the question whether it is necessary to clean the carpet to remove fleas. Let me tell you that the moisture from steam cleaning is not ideal to get rid of fleas completely. In fact, it creates a warm environment for flea eggs, which may return a few days after cleaning. Definitely something you don’t want! So we are going to provide you some instructions below, which will help you to get rid of fleas from the carpet.

Follow these tips to get rid of Fleas

  • It is very important to control fleas and ticks around your home, avoiding anything that gives rise to them.
  • Vacuum the carpet every day to remove eggs, larvae and adults; this is the best method for early control of flea infestations.
  • Be sure to clear any areas with carpets that can be cleaned along the carpet, cushioned furniture, cracks and crevices on the floor, baseboards and basements.
  • Hot steam and soap during steam cleaning carpet can kill fleas at all stages of the life cycle.
  • Pay special attention to areas where pets sleep.
  • Wash all pet bedding and family bedding to avoid these. on which the pet lies in warm, soapy water every two to three weeks.
  • If an infestation is severe, discard old pet bedding and replace it with fresh, clean material.
  • If the flea is large, you may need to use a flea comb to comb it out. The hair can pass through the teeth of the comb, but not the flea, removing the flea as well as flea feces and dried blood.
  • Comb especially the neck and tail areas, where most fleas tend to congregate. That’s why you should take special care of them too.
  • Use warm soapy water to kill fleas.
  • Let your pets stay indoors as much as possible, which reduces their chances of being bitten by ticks and fleas.
  • Modify your landscape to create a tick safe zone.
  • Close the ticks CDC’s web page with more information about ticks and tick-borne diseases.
  • Use insecticides around pets so they don’t get fleas, so they won’t be on your carpet either.

Final Word –

In this way, you can separate your fleas from the carpet, for this you also keep in mind the above instructions, they can be of great help to you in cleaning the carpet. If you cannot clean them even by these methods, then you can also take the help of a better professional for this. For any other information, you can also comment us, so that we can give you suggestions for this. 


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