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Daman is one of the seven star hotels in Pakistan’s luxurious and beautiful city of Lahore. Situated on a picturesque natural lake, the Gold Beach Resort Daman provides many lovely facilities for leisure and recreation. All inclusive Luxury hotel rates at The Gold Beach Resort Daman are available. These rates are slightly higher than the hotel rates in the other three cities, as they include additional onsite drinks and food in the room price (some restrictions also apply).

For those who have come to enjoy a romantic getaway, a bed and breakfast luxury hotel can provide you with everything you need to relax. The rooms feature queen-sized beds and they offer en-suite bathrooms. Complimentary transportation is provided throughout the hotel. You will be provided with a welcome pack containing towels, soap, lotion, bubble bath, coffee, tea and a deck of cards for making coffee while relaxing in your room.

The Gold Beach Resort Daman offers a very small dining room that seats only four people. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner six days a week. The restaurant also serves buffet breakfast everyday. The restaurant serves continental, Indian, Chinese, Thai and other international cuisines.

The main rooms at the Gold Beach Resort Daman are decorated beautifully. Each room has its own balcony and a private outdoor courtyard. You will feel like you are on a tropical island with several pools and decks situated in different parts of the resort. Many of the villas feature a lush garden and are decorated with tropical plants. You can indulge in water sports such as diving and paragliding.

The view of the city is breathtaking. It is surrounded by mountains and steep cliffs on all sides. The only way to see the other side of the city is by taking a boat ride on the sea. There is a ferry that takes you to the other side. It takes about an hour. The beautiful cliffs and the setting sun caress the skin making you feel relaxed and content.

You can enjoy this beautiful location during any season. Summers are very hot and the weather is perfect for enjoying some gentle strolls along the shoreline. You can even spend some time at the beach during the winter season.

There are many places near the Gold Beach Resort Daman where you can have picnics. Gold Beach Resort Daman You can stop for a meal too at one of the restaurants. The resorts have a variety of restaurants serving local, continental and international cuisines.

This resort has an amazing view that looks straight across the water from your villas. You can look straight across towards the Intramuros for the spectacular view. The view of the Intramuros will enable you to enjoy some magnificent sunset.