Rug Doctor Rental

The Rug Doctor Rental can either be purchased or rented by the day at a local retailer.  Usually, the machine can be rented for 24 hours.

As for rentals, be prepared to pay around $40 to $50 per 24 hours.  The costs will depend on the retailer you rent from, the size of the cleaner and the current promotion being held.  This rental price, however, will be for the machine online and won’t include the detergent required to clean the carpets.  If you were to buy the detergent Rug Doctor Rental offers, this could add another $20 to $30 to the total price, effectively bringing the price to $55 to $80 for the day.

Comparing the Costs of Rug Doctor Rental

Wondering which makes the most sense: renting a carpet cleaner, buying one, or hiring a service to do the work? The answer depends on your budget and how you want to spend your time Rug Doctor Rental To provide an idea of the costs, we priced the options for a house in Kansas City, Mo., with 1,600 square feet of carpeting in a living room, four bedrooms, an office, and two hallways.


With Rug Doctor Rental, you can rent a machine from a partner location (Home Depot or Walmart, for example) for about $31 a day. The cleaning solution costs about $18 for 48 ounces; you’ll need three bottles for 1,600 square feet of carpet. Pretreating solution starts at $7 each.

Rug Doctor Rental

Rug Doctor Rental At Walmart

if you rented it for three days at $40 per day, and kept it out an extra two days, they would charge you $100 for the three initial days and an extra $60 for the two late days.

The kiosks are typically found in the front portion of the Walmart store, adjacent to the customer service desk.

However, not all Walmart locations have them.

It’s best to go onto the site to see which Walmart will have one near you.