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Steering Wheel Cleaner

Today all the people have their own car, we clean the car in a better way, but we do not pay much attention to the steering of our car. In today’s post, we will tell you How to Clean a Car Steering Wheel. After that you can easily clean the steering of your car.

Let us tell you that the car wheel is not as clean as the phone screen, nor is it like the handle of the bathroom door. We clean our bathroom well, but we don’t clean our wheel that way. Like most things you touch, it can get gross if you don’t take good care of it. It’s not something you think about on a day-to-day basis, but the steering wheel of your car is one of the dirtiest surfaces that we need to clean.

According to research, if you are an “average” driver, you spend about 17,600 minutes behind the wheel every year. That is, more than 12 days in a year, during this time many types of dirt, oil and lotion remain in your hands, which gets applied on this wheel. Because of this bacteria get on the surfaces of the Clean a Car Steering Wheel.

Identify Steering Wheel Material

First of all you have to look at the Steering Wheel, how it is made. Various materials like plastic, polyurethane, faux leather, synthetic resins, natural wood and leather are used to make it, you have to clean them accordingly.

After you figure it out, you’ll need to go through the process of cleaning it. Let us tell you that most of your Car Steering Wheel is not made of leather. Taking a look at this can help you determine which cleaning agents are best to use. Each has its own do’s and don’ts when it comes to cleaning, so it’s best to be careful. To find out what kind of material your Steering Wheel is made of, you can check your owner’s manual or look up a car brochure online, which should also give you the correct information.

What are the Things Needed to Clean the Car Steering Wheel?

Here we will tell you what are the things you need to clean the Car Steering Wheel. If you want to clean it at home, then you will need the following items for this. like –

  • distilled water
  • Liquid dish washing soap or Castile soap
  • microfiber cloth
  • soft cotton cloth
  • leather conditioner
  • small bucket
  • How to clean Car Steering Wheel –
  • leather cleaning first

Your first step is to disinfect the leather and remove any grime that has accumulated on it. Because in this you need the most cleaning.

steering wheel cleaner


Clean and Sterilize Leather

To clean leather, you start by mixing a quart of distilled water with liquid soap (Castile soap and liquid dishwashing soap) is best, this will help you get it clean. For this you use distilled water. Because it contains no impurities and can damage the leather unlike tap water.

Step 1 –

You can also use a special leather disinfectant, such as Straight Cleanser Formula No. 2, which is a mixture of water, alcohol, Suede Steering Wheel Cleaner and other non-alkaline ingredients. Next dampen a soft cloth with the solution, and wring the cloth out of all the liquid before starting the cleaning process.

Wipe the steering wheel gently with this, taking care not to rub it vigorously. Give this a gentle bath to the leather, and then wipe away any excess moisture using a clean microfiber towel. This is how you can clean your wheel.

Step 2: Remove Oil and Stains from Leather

You will always find grease and marks on leather wheels that you will need to remove. Cleaning a Car Steering Wheel is the most important part. After disinfecting it, you need to apply a protective coat of oil to keep your leather steering wheel soft and supple. So that it doesn’t get messy again.

You can use a leather conditioner to clean it. Contain sunscreen, as it will protect your steering wheel leather from damage from light.

Using a leather conditioner and your bare hands, work up a dime-sized amount. Work it gently around your steering wheel, and then let the conditioner sit for about half an hour. This will enable it to function better and you will be able to clean it in a better way. After this, you remove any fine cleaner with a microfiber cloth. This makes the steering wheel in good condition.

Step 3 – Establish regular cleaning into a routine

Just like you regularly maintain your car mechanically, in the same way, if you keep cleaning your steering wheel from time to time, then your car steering wheel will not be too messy. For this, you can Clean Your Steering Wheel weekly using daily conditioning wipes. Wiping down the steering wheel every week will help keep bacteria away.

This will nourish your leather and keep it smooth and supple, giving you a better gripping experience. Then, use the above cleaning routine once a month for optimum health of your Car steering wheel. The more consistent you are at cleaning it, the better the leather will age.

Additional Tips for Cleaning the Car Steering Wheel



  • Whenever your Car Steering Wheel is dirty, you should clean it immediately. Leather is porous, and if there is liquid, try to get the stain out quickly.
  • The stain will be very difficult to remove if once the dirt is allowed to enter the surface.
  • Avoid cleaning the leather steering wheel with harsh or abrasive cleaners such as bleach, as this can cause damage. You can use a mixture of alcohol and water, or water and white vinegar instead. This allows the stains to be removed quickly.
  • Never use furniture polish, or any wax or silicone products, on leather. For example, avoid using Pledge, as it can leave your leather feeling sticky, which can make your hands greasy while you drive.
  • Do not use baby wipes to clean your Leather Steering Wheel. They are alkaline and will damage the finish. You can also use a good cleaner to clean it.

How to Remove Stains from Your Leather Steering Wheel?

Most Car Steering Wheels are leather, which is where you see the most stains, and these stains can be very difficult to remove. That’s why we are providing you some easy tips to remove the stains on it, so that you can easily remove them.

For this you will need the following things:

  • Lemon juice
  • cream of tartar
  • soft cloth

First you need to mix 1 part lemon juice and 1 part cream of tartar together and then apply the paste on the area that you want to remove with a soft cloth.

Now you have to let it sit for a few hours. Make sure you park in the shade, as sunlight at this stage can damage, ruining the luster of the leather. Leave the paste on it for about 2 hours, after that, come back, and remove it.

How to remove water stains from your leather steering wheel

It doesn’t take much effort to remove water stains from the leather on your Steering Wheel, and you can easily remove it. All you need for this is clean distilled water, a cotton cloth that can absorb water quickly and well.

Now you have to see that if your Steering Wheel has become wet, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. However, if water is allowed to sit, it will stain your leather. After the leather is stained, you’ll need to blend the stain into the surrounding area.

Dampen a soft cloth with distilled water and wipe from the center of the stain outwards. Be sure to use the drier side of the cloth to the outside and blend the stain. In this way, you can easily clean the stains on it.

How to Remove scratches from leather steering wheel

We use the Leather Steering Wheel for a long time, it is normal for it to get scratched by turning the hand or something, but we will tell you how to remove it so that you can remove it easily. All you have to do is use the following methods to remove scratches from your steering wheel.

For this you will need –

  • olive oil or baby oil
  • soft cotton cloth
  • First you should start by patting the cloth with olive oil. Lightly rub the cloth over the affected area, using a circular motion to remove the scratch. Continue moving outward from scratch.
  • Scratches on the wheel will absorb the oil and appear darker than the leather. This effect will lessen as it dries, after which it will look normal.
  • Continue working the olive oil onto the leather, making sure to work it slowly into the non-affected area. Apply it on the entire wheel like this and it will reduce the scratches.
  • You can repeat this process in the evening time, for this it is best to do it when the sun is not there.
  • Finally let the steering wheel dry for about 12-18 hours, with the Clean a Car Steering Wheel sitting out of light or sunlight.
  • Repeat this as needed, until the scratch is gone.

Final Word –

We have provided you all the information about How to Clean a Car Steering Wheel here. Here you can see, how you can clean the wheel of your car, you can use all the tips mentioned by us at home. For any information related to this, you must comment us.


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