How To Clean Dirty Roof Tiles

Roof tiles can quickly become infested with mould, algae, and other organisms that create ugly marks, and lead to expensive damage. A roof should be cleaned roughly every two years, and due to the danger involved, it’s highly recommended to hire a trained professional. But if you’re set on doing the job yourself, and are confident in your ability to keep yourself safe, this article will explain how to clean your roof tiles, covering everything that you need.

Why clean roof tiles?

Moisture related issues

If roof moss, algae and dirt is left on roof tiles and not dealt with, it can have a number of impacts. Firstly, moss absorbs moisture easily, which not only adds weight to the roof, putting it under stress, but can also result in moisture entering the roof space. Roof tiles do not dry in the sun, as the moss, dirt and lichen act as a barrier, keeping the tiles moist, which can lead to moisture soaking through into the roof. This can seriously damage integral parts of the roof structure, such as causing timber rafters to rot, which leads to long term damage. Additionally, moisture can cause cracks and splits in your roof tiles.

Damage to structural bonds

Moss grows well on cement, which means that it often grows on the bond that joins ridge tiles, apex tiles and the roof. Growing in these places can cause significant damage, agitating and breaking bonds that are key to the structure of the roof.


Moss, algae and dirt build ups on roof tiles can also result in an overheating attic and roof space, as it covers the roof tiles, preventing heat from leaving the building. Not only does this create an uncomfortable living or working situation, it can also result in high energy bills for ventilation and air conditioning.

How a Soft Wash Benefits your Roof

You can get immediate results with a soft wash cleaning process by Kelly Roofing in South Florida. Our soft wash tile roof cleaning process effectively cleans your roof without excessive pressure, preserving your roof’s warranty and ensuring longer roof life performance. Our Roof Rain Algae Prevention is 100 percent all-natural and works over the course of time when activated by the sun’s UV light and water. Roof Rain ensures a full algae growth build-up prevention for two years.

Through soft wash, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your tile manufacturer warranty remains intact.
  • Your roof underlayment will not be damaged.
  • Waterproofing flashings remains in place, stopping water from getting inside.
  • Your tiles won’t be etched, making it harder for algae to grow
  • Your roof color won’t dull or change

How Often You Should Clean Your Tile Roofing

Tile roofing has excellent longevity, but only if you care for it with a routine cleaning and maintenance schedule. Because of the dampness and humidity in the area, Tampa roof cleaning should occur at least once per year. If the weather is harsher than average, or if you notice any of the symptoms above before your next annual cleaning, you may need to do it twice in a year. By sticking to a cleaning schedule, you can keep a closer eye on your roof’s tiles, replacing them as needed to ensure the roof lasts for decades to come.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

We always recommend hiring a professional for roof cleaning in Tampa. Roofing experts are knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning all types of tile roofing. Our team uses professional-grade tools and cleaning chemicals to ensure we get the cleanest roof possible while maintaining its integrity. Working with a professional is safer as well. Walking around on a roof and using professional equipment is dangerous for someone who has not been properly trained, and could even lead to injury.

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