How to Remove Spray Paint from Carpet

Cleaning accidental paint spills from carpeting is often considered nearly impossible without leaving a paint stain. Because its stains are very stubborn, which are very difficult to remove. Learning how to get spray paint off carpet doesn’t have to be complicated, all you need is the right method. You can reuse standard household products like dish soap and rubbing alcohol into effective carpet cleaning agents. The spray works great to loosen the paint from your carpet fibers.

Sometimes latex paint, aerosol paint, or acrylic paint spills onto your carpet, which is very stubborn. Here we provide you with simple DIY recipes that act as a great paint remover.

Removing Spray Paint From Carpet With Dish Soap

You can use liquid dish soap to remove this type of paint. These ingredients are not only great at wicking away grease and grease, but they are also an excellent paint thinner. To remove spray paint from carpet, use a basic mixture of water and liquid dish soap, in the same way you would for homemade rug spot cleaner. In the same way you can use it for the carpet as well.

This spray paint remover works best on oil based paints such as spray paint. In a medium-sized bowl, mix warm water with three tablespoons liquid dish soap. First pour in dish soap and pour water on top, so that the soap mixes better. After this you need to use a damp cloth to pat the mixed solution repeatedly on the affected area. Use a clean white cloth soaked in cold water until all the paint is gone. This is how you can get rid of the paint on the carpet.

Removing Spray Paint from Carpet with Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a great way to remove dried spray paint from carpet or to remove paint from glass surfaces. Now you can use it for your Kali. This solvent breaks down the oil paint and makes it painless to remove from the carpet fibers.

Do a small spot test on an inconspicuous area to see if the rubbing alcohol is causing the discoloration. If discoloration occurs, use dishwashing detergent instead. To remove dried water-based paint from your carpet, start by dampening a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and continue blotting the dried paint area for about three minutes. The rubbing alcohol liquefies the dried paint, making it easier to remove from the carpet.

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide

If the stains on the carpet are too dry and difficult to remove, you can use hydrogen peroxide turpentine. is an option. Hydrogen peroxide destroys the cell walls of the paint, making it painless to get rid of the residue. Note of use that hydrogen peroxide usually stains dark colored carpets – only use hydrogen peroxide solvent on light colored carpets. Using too much can harm your complexion.

Final Word –

Friends, we have provided you all the information about how to get spray paint out of carpet here, you can remove the paint from the carpet by using the above mentioned methods. You can easily clean the carpet by using all the methods carefully.


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