How To Use Toilet Tent

The blue liquid in porta potties used to be a formaldehyde-based liquid, but when states started outlawing the use of formaldehyde in portable toilets to prevent it from going to wastewater treatment plants that were unequipped to handle it, companies had to start using a new solution. Unlike formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen, this new blue liquid is safer for people and the environment alike. Essentially, the new blue is greener!

So, what is that blue liquid in a porta potty? It is a mix of chemical biocides to kill the bacteria from human waste, fragrance, and blue dye. The biocides are the active ingredient, while the smell and color simply mask the presence of human waste.

And just like windshield washer fluid, the formula changes to accommodate the season. During the winter, an anti-freezing agent like salt is added to ensure that the mixture won’t freeze inside the tank. The blue liquid can also be made stronger to combat hot summer temperatures

Camping Toilet Tent

Where and how do you use the bathroom?! This question has come up so many times when discussing our overland travel and primitive camping lifestyle with friends and family that we figured it’s probably something most people are curious about but perhaps too embarrassed to ask.

So in this post, we’re going to tackle the entire topic of using the bathroom while camping head on! Everything from the proper way to dig a cathole, to “wag bags” and portable camping toilets, to accessories and etiquette, and every smelly thing in between.

Port potties can tip over. But, contrary to people who are afraid of porta potties, a portable toilet won’t just tip over while you’re inside of it unless there’s an extenuating factor. Heavy winds can tip over porta potties while they’re vacant or occupied. That’s why it’s advised that you avoid porta potties during strong storms. Porta potties can also tip if they’re placed on uneven or soft ground. Mud, sand, and other ground prone to sinking can allow portable toilets to shift and fall over. But the number one reason why portable toilets fall over is vandalism. So, the biggest risk of being in a porta potty that falls over happens when you’re in poor company.

Toilet Tent Go Outdoors

How To Use Toilet Tent

Camping, hiking, or backpacking across a deserted area can be an exhilarating time filled with great sights, a lot of exercise, and the sharpening of your basic life skills.

Along this journey, you’ll need to bring a pack with a lot of necessities if you’re looking to spend more than just a few hours with Mother Nature.

As you begin to use many of the items you’ve brought with you, you’ll start accumulating some excess garbage. DO NOT get rid of this garbage by littering.

Human Waste

Eventually, you’re going to have to go to the bathroom. We’re not going to tell you that you need to urinate in a plastic bag, but know that if you do have to pee — make sure you move on from that area immediately. The smell of urine can attract wild animals, some of which might not be so friendly.

When you have to go “Number Two, there’s a few things you can do:

  • Bury it into a hole that’s at least six inches deep and away from any water sources. This will prevent it from contaminating a water supply or attracting wild animals.
  • If you’re in an area like a mountaintop where you can’t dig a hole, you may have to smear it. By smearing it, you’ll allow it to be dried out by the sun and sterilized by its UV rays.
  • If you’re not fond of the smearing technique and cannot bury it, use a sealable plastic bag like you would for a dog. This may sound crazy to some, but going toe-to-toe with a bear or mountain lion can be a lot scarier than carrying a sealed bag of your brownie batter!

Tent With Shower And Toilet

Many people pride themselves on their resilience and ability to ‘rough it’ while camping in the great outdoors. However, even if you’ve swapped your luxury feather duvet for a sleeping bag and your house roof for a swag, there are some things you just can’t compromise on, like a shower tent or toilet tents.

Everyone deserves privacy while they shower, use the toilet, and get dressed. Whether you’re in a camping ground or out in the boonies, you might see the value in looking at your toilet shower tent options.

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