The Episode begins with Pallavi asking vikram in the event that he can’t see Prachi’s genuine face, Kumkum Bhagya Written Update as a matter of fact. She says until I uncover her, I won’t sit in harmony. Shahana says let Rhea be your bahu, you truly merit her. Aaliya asks Pallavi not to converse with little individuals. That’s what monitor tells on the off chance that Prachi is blameworthy, they will get verifications against her in the room. The woman constable tracks down the apparatuses clinched. Aaliya grins and checks Rhea out. She professed to hack and afterward taking the instruments pack and stowing away in Prachi’s pantry. Fb closes. She sneers. Auditor says screws were slackened

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with it. Shahana asks would you say you are kidding? Auditor asks what the devices confine is doing a young lady’s room. Rhea says now everybody probably comprehended that Prachi had relaxed the screws and afterward went out, so she acts to be honest. She faults Prachi. Prachi asks her not to fault her, and says she can’t bear any longer. Rhea says I can’t bear you now, you attempted to kill me two times. She says issues expanded on Maha Shivratri night, as she was unable to bear to see Ranbir and I moving in our connection, and her disdain expanded, and remembered to kill me.

She lets Inspector know that Prachi attempted to kill me through Nick and presently through Balcony, and says I have decided and needs to record body of evidence against Prachi. She requests that he document body of evidence against Prachi and capture her. Ranbir lets Inspector know that he can do the lawful conventions, however don’t do this as Rhea said. He says Prachi can never hurt anybody, however she can fly off the handle and battle. He says assuming I tell that she relaxed the screws for me, as I stay there. Prachi asks how about that I do this for you. Ranbir says no, and says nothing occurs with my viewpoints,

I used to think we have much between us, yet it isn’t that way. Rhea says I have tumbled down and needs to record the case. Ranbir asks Inspector not to document the case. Auditor asks Ranbir, Prachi and Rhea to come to the PS. Pallavi says you can’t take my child. Vikram asks will I call the legal counselor. Examiner says no, he needs to finish the desk work, he isn’t capturing anybody now.

Ranbir, Prachi and Rhea come to the PS. Ranbir sits with Prachi. Rhea flies off the handle and sits between them. She says my hand is tormenting, it appears I need to show my hand to specialist. Ranbir says I will follow through with something. He goes. Rhea says I didn’t say anything negative about you, I recently said that my hand is tormenting as I tumbled down from first floor. Kumkum Bhagya Written Update She inquires as to whether she is feeling unusual, and says she is feeling peculiar for coming there for first time, and lets Prachi know that she is ongoing to come here. Prachi requests that she hush up. Rhea requests that she shut up and says in the event that I remain silent

how Ranbir will see my aggravation. Prachi says how might you shed counterfeit tears, when you are not do any harm. Rhea says she is harmed. Prachi says how she can cry counterfeit tears when she isn’t do any harm and requests that she awaken from her deception. She says we will avoid deception and says the truth is that you are interfering with Ranbir and me, and says regardless of whether we are not together then likewise you can’t break our connection.

Ranbir returns and expresses accompany me. Prachi gets up. Ranbir requests that Rhea come. Rhea gets up. Prachi gives her hand to help her, and furthermore Ranbir gives his hand. Rhea holds his hand and checks out at Prachi and him. She embraces him to make Prachi desirous and grins. Ranbir is awkward and checks Prachi out. Prachi looks on with weepy eyes. Ali Maula plays… … ..

Ranbir takes Rhea from that point. Shahana comes to the PS and asks where could Ranbir be? Aaliya likewise comes there. Shahana asks where is Rhea and Ranbir, and for what reason would you say you are crying? Prachi says she is miserable. Aaliya asks where could Rhea be? Investigator says Ranbir took Rhea to the specialist of the PS.

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Rhea thinks she requested that Ranbir call the specialist to acquire his compassion, yet he carried her to genuine specialist. She figures what to do. Aaliya comes there and requests that Ranbir go out, as she is with Rhea. Ranbir expresses on the off chance that there is anything significant, we will show her to our family specialist. Rhea says she is fine. Aaliya requests that he go out and deal with Prachi, as she is crying. Rhea says thanks to Aaliya for being the lifeline. Specialist says I have actually taken a look at you, Kumkum Bhagya Written Update however there is no indication of any injury, you are intellectually and truly fine. Rhea says when I move my hand, then, at that point, I feel torment. Specialist says you are fine. Rhea requests that he swathe her hand. Aaliya offers him cash.

Prachi lets Shahana know that she was not at home, when Rhea had tumbled down. She says I had passed through secondary passage, and no one saw me proceeding to return. She says she can’t let Ranbir know that she has gone to the gynaec. She says at whatever point I see them together, I would rather not tell anything to him. Ranbir says I know it all, what did you imagine that you will stow away from me. Dida thinks there is a sleeping pad on the floor so Rhea has fallen on it. Pallavi comes there and requests that Dida let Vikram know that she has gone overboard the circumstance. Dida says you have gone with Aaliya. Pallavi says I have come to change my shoe, however Vikram told that we shouldn’t uphold Rhea. She says she won’t give advantage of uncertainty to Prachi and expresses not a single one of us will have a good sense of security assuming she is here. She says she believes Police should capture Prachi and save her in prison for a really long time, so we stay protected in our home. She says I am going there, to ensure that Inspector don’t leave her. Dida supposes in the event that Pallavi goes there, Inspector could come in her discussions and will capture Prachi. She acts to be harmed, and requests that Pallavi take her to her room.

Prachi asks what do you be aware? Ranbir asks what occurred in the event that I come to know anything. He inquires as to for what reason are you so frightened, and requests that she unwind and says I don’t have the foggiest idea what you are stowing away, yet realizes that you are concealing something and that is the reason terrified. He lets Shahana know that he won’t ask her, as Prachi could have swear you not to tell me, and says I will know it and is 110% certain that it is connected with me. He says in the event that you intend to conceal this, conceal this appropriately and assuming I come to be familiar with this, Kumkum Bhagya Written Update and feel that I will know it previously, then, at that point, I can’t pardon you, and I can’t excuse anybody. Aaliya brings Rhea out and requests that Ranbir request that Inspector do the customs previously, and tells that she is feeling torment. Prachi asks what are we hanging tight for? Investigator says we are hanging tight for Rhea. He says we looked in Prachi’s room and observed the instruments box. He says Rhea said that Prachi needs to hurt her. Rhea yells and says she needs to kill me. Auditor requests that she quiet down, and says to kill Rhea, then, at that point, she would have arranged enormous, no one kicks the bucket from first floor. Rhea requests him to capture her. Aaliya says capture her now.