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Places To Visit In Waghai is a very important part of the country. Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, consists of many Himalayan ranges and mountain ranges. Nepal is a huge country, covered with mountains all around, which makes it an incredible destination for various kinds of tourism and adventure activities. Trekking are some of the most popular adventure sports of Nepal. The country is also famous for the beauty of its landscape and the amazing landscapes in Nepal have been voted as the most beautiful place on the world map.

The Places To Visit In Waghai is spread all over the country and is divided into various regions. Rangit Nepal (The Rangit National Park) is the most visited among all the regions in the country. The name Rangit Nepal comes from the Rangit Valley that lies in this region. A trip to this valley would certainly leave you awed by the amazing scenery, with a view of snow capped peaks, dense forest areas, stunning lakes and rivers, gushing waterfalls and abundant flora and fauna.

Other popular Places To Visit In Waghai is Hemis National Park, Terrapin Station Wildlife Sanctuary, Langtang National Park, Mount Everest National Park, Tsum Valley National Parks and Bhaktapur National Park. Apart from these there are numerous other remote and inaccessible parks and sanctuaries, where you can spend weeks or months without getting bored. You can visit these parks and sanctuaries either by road or by helicopter. The weather in these parks is usually harsh, so you should keep this in mind when planning your trip to these areas.

The Hotels In Waghai Gujarat is home to many species of animals and insects. Some of them have even reached extinction in recent times. There are numerous endemic and rare species that are present in these parks. Amongst them the critically endangered brown bear, Hotels In Waghai Gujarat the world’s largest forest elephant, the world’s only known tiger, the world’s only hippo, civet, the world’s oldest spotted deer, the world’s largest bird and numerous bird species are just few of the exotic species that are found in the established parks and sanctuaries of Nepal. In addition, the wildlife in these areas has been largely protected by the authorities. Apart from all this, Nepal tourism has also gained a lot from the presence of established and thriving wildlife tourism industry.

Amongst some of the most popular wildlife destinations in the mid-western region of Nepal the Chenab, Kinnaur, Tsum Valley, and Dolpo ranges are very popular. These mid-western national parks are the home of many endemic and rare species. For nature enthusiasts, it is very important to visit these national parks to observe these species in their natural habitat. The Tsum Valley national park covers an area of more than 14 thousand kilometers and has a rich diverse wildlife and flora. Amongst others the park includes a wide variety of floral species, mountain climbers, various species of monkeys, deer, wild pigs and wild cats, as well as a wide variety of birds.

The second most visited destination in the mid-west is the beautiful town of Kathmandu. This city is located on the banks of the river Thalai. Kathmandu is also home to some famous landmarks such as the yellow rock and emerald city, the Karma temple, and many others. One of the most popular attraction of this region is the Chitwan National Park. This park covers some thirty-eight lakes and is one of the richest fauna and flora in the entire Nepal.