Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner

Prochem Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning is one of the leading carpet and upholstery cleaning unit. Through this you can do all kinds of cleaning in a better way. It is usually mounted on the floor of a van or trailer. So that it can be done in a better way, the method of cleaning it is to remove hot water. The operator will park the van near the premises, connect the vacuum hose and solution line hose to the machine, which will then drive the hose into the building. One will connect the carpet cleaning wand to the end of the hose. After that it starts working.

With a wide range of cleaners, TCS truck mounts are designed for easy operation and maintenance. It is easily used to clean the carpet. TCS machines have an open frame, which allows easy access to mechanical components for repair or adjustment. For the TCS Warrior, Chief, gasoline engines power the vacuum blower and pressure pump with a propane burner delivering hot water. Therefore its cleaning is much better than other cleaners.

Benefits of Prochem Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning

Heat exchanger

The Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner heat exchanger method utilizes the heat generated naturally by the normal operation of the engine and in some cases by the vacuum pump components of the system. This clears the Kalan in a much better way. Typically, the water in this is sent through a heat exchanger, which consists of two separate sections. So in one section, heat is routed, in another section, water passes. The two sections share two sides of the common surfaces inside the exchanger; Therefore heat is transferred from the high temperature “heat side” section to the low temperature “solution side” section.

More Cleaning with Less Water

You don’t need much water inside it, it has two basic types of heat exchangers. It consists of a fluid passing through a coil of tubing that is contained in a “shell” or container, through which heat is allowed to pass. The other, called the “shell end tube”, consists of several parallel tubes running from one end of the “shell” to the other. We try our best to give you better facilities. In this heat travels through parallel tubes and water travels through the shell.

More Powerful in Cleaning

This cleaner is more powerful than others in cleaning. Traditionally, truck mount carpet cleaning machines are more powerful than portable carpet cleaning units and clean carpets more efficiently. Although recent changes in technology have allowed portable manufacturers to access the power of truck mount carpet cleaning machines, you should have no hassle. Because they produce cleaning power from engines and electric portables generate cleaning power from electrical sockets in customers’ homes.

We would like to tell you that the primary advantage of truck mount is with customer cleaning carpet, because truck mount doesn’t need to use customer’s electricity or hot water, so you need to change it. Doesn’t happen. This means no expensive electricity and gas bills to pay post the carpet cleaning company leaves your home.

Final Word –

Prochem Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning has also been fitted with a waste water drain tank so that the technician can take away the dirty water. This removes whatever dirty water remains after the carpet. It’s a pity that only a small percentage of carpet cleaning companies use a truck mount because it costs more than other cleaners. Its cost is estimated to be between $10,000 to $35,000 US, so you can use it however you like. If you want, you can also take help of any other small companies and professionals for this.


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