How To Remove Stains From Bed Mattress

If you get the recommended eight hours of sleep every might, Remove Stains that means you spend one-third of your life in bed. With this much time lying on your mattress, it’s no wonder it gets stained every once in a while. As with all stains, it’s important to remove the mess as soon as possible for the best results. After all, fresh stains are much easier to get out than old ones.

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Don’t get annoyed the next time you change the sheets—simply follow these tips on how to remove stains from a mattress to make it look like new again.

General Tips for Removing Mattress Stains

Follow these tips to successfully remove a majority of minor or unidentified stains from your mattress:

  • Absorb spills and messes as quickly as possible with a dry towel. Remember to blot the area, not scrub.
  • Add a mild cleaner. Follow the product recommendations for specific stains listed below.
  • “Rinse” the area with a towel dipped in cool water until all cleaning residue is gone. Then, blot with a dry towel until you can’t remove any more liquid from the mattress.
  • Air dry. Speed up the process by moving the mattress into the sun, if possible, or by setting up a fan to blow on it. It may take several hours for the area to dry completely.
  • Deodorize the mattress by sprinkling a bit of baking soda on the treated area once it has dried completely. This will absorb any lingering smells. After at least 15 minutes, vacuum up the baking soda with the crevice attachment.

How to Remove Urine Stains from a Mattress

Combine 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, and a drop or two of dish soap. You can also use store-bought, enzyme-based cleaner designed for removing pet stains. Follow the general tips above, allowing the cleaner to sit for 15 minutes before rinsing it.

How to Remove Blood Stains from a Mattress

Pour a small amount of white vinegar or 3% hydrogen peroxide on the blood stain. If you use vinegar, let it soak for 10 minutes, blot it dry, and repeat if necessary. If you use hydrogen peroxide, the blood stain will foam up on contact. Blot the foam away, and let the area sit for 15 minutes. After the allotted time, rinse, air dry, and deodorize as outlined in the general tips section.

Best Mattress Stain Remover

on our mattress cleaning guide is to keep the mattress free of dust and dirt. 

Like any other piece of furniture in your bedroom, your mattress also attracts dust and dirt. 

Left uncleaned, beds can also become a breeding ground for dust mites, pollen, pet fur, etc as per mattress cleaning guides. 

This is why you must add memory foam mattress cleaning and care to your to-do list besides reading up on how to choose a mattress. 

While you cannot chuck your mattresses into the washing machine, there are other simpler ways of mattress cleaning that you can try.

  • Simply use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust and dirt from your mattresses and beds. 
  • Dust your mattress weekly, and vacuum clean them at least once a month to protect your mattress from dust and grime and for exceptional memory foam mattress care. 

Periodical vacuuming and dust clean-up is a part of recommended memory foam mattress cleaning and care to keep away pests and insects from making your mattress their home. 

Best Mattress Stain Remover For Old Stains

One of the smartest things that you can do before applying any stain remover to your mattress is to check the care tag on the mattress. Manufacturers list specific cleaners and techniques that will work best to clean the materials on the mattress. They will also tell you what to avoid to keep your mattress from being damaged during the process. To find out more about these 5 amazing stain removers, keep reading. 

This advanced odor and stain remover by Woolite is one of the best purchases that you can make if you have urine, dry blood, or other stubborn stains on your mattress. Not only does it remove the stain effectively, but it also sanitizes the surface and deodorizes the mattress. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a product that both sanitizes and lifts stains. Well, with this product, you don’t have to look any further. If you have small children, pets (particularly if you are training a new puppy), or are looking for a deodorizer to keep your mattress smelling fresh, you’ve found it.

Brown Stains On Mattress

While it’s normal to feel shocked or disgusted by this kind of discovery – it’s also important to find out where the markings are coming from. After all, these mysterious spots could tell a lot about your personal and household health.

Keep reading to learn more about rust stains on your mattress and what might actually be going on with your bed.


Don’t panic. There’s a chance that the rust-colored stains on your mattress are nothing more than markings caused by moisture.

Rust forms when metal is exposed to liquid, humidity, or other sources of water. And, traditional mattresses have a solid core made from metal springs. So, there’s a chance that moisture has made its way inside your mattress, and the stains you see are forming from the inside out.

You’ll want to start by removing these surface stains, so you can see if new ones form. During the process, keep the mattress dry.

You should also vacuum your mattress once a month to remove dust, dirt, and potential allergens. Let it dry in the sun once a year, if possible.

Accidental Spills and Stains

Are you sure that the rust stain on your mattress is actually rust? Other spilled liquids could look similar, especially if they had a chance to soak into your mattress and cause oxidation on the springs.

If the stain you’re dealing with is, in fact, rust – it should be easy to remove with household items like salt and lemon juice. But, if this method doesn’t work, something more serious could be going on.

Bed Bugs

Are you finding rust-colored stains on your sheets as well as the mattress? If so, they could be bed bug stains – not rust.

Just like oxidation spots, you can test your stains with peroxide. If dabbing this liquid onto the markings causes it to fizz or begin to fade, you’re dealing with a bloodstain. And, this is often the first sign of a serious bed bug infestation.

Check the corners of your mattress for more dark markings – this is where the bugs like to hide, and where you’re likely to see evidence of droppings and eggs, as well. You may also notice speckles or splatters on the bed frame, walls, and other areas surrounding the mattress.

Orange Stains On Mattress

Source: Amazon

When it comes to removing yellow stains from your mattress, you have two options: using the usual chemical-based cleaners or taking a more natural approach. Results aren’t guaranteed with either method, but following these tips and tricks is your best bet for making your mattress look brand new. 

Dealing with a urine stain? Due to the volume of liquid and odor, these stains can be particularly difficult to treat. For instructions on how to clean urine from a mattress, skip ahead to the vinegar and baking soda method. 

The Natural Way to Remove Stains 

Step 1: Gather Materials 

First things first, you’ll need to track down a few tools and the ingredients to make a DIY mattress cleaner. For this method, you’ll need: 

  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • A bowl
  • Clean cloths
  • Vacuum  

Step 2: Strip Sheets and Vacuum

To prepare your mattress for spot cleaning, remove all bedding and vacuum any crumbs, hair, or other particles from the bed’s surface. 

Step 3: Mix the Solution 

Next, you’ll need to combine the ingredients to make your DIY cleaning solution. In the bowl, mix baking soda, salt, and water. You don’t need exact measurements; simply add and mix ingredients until the solution has the consistency of a paste. 

While a single mattress stain won’t ruin your mattress, frequent spills and general wear and tear will take a toll. If you don’t protect your bed or treat stains immediately and effectively, mold and bacteria will grow in the moist environment of your mattress. These microbes not only cause allergies and odors, but they degrade your mattress. 


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