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Tithal Beach is situated at the southwestern tip of the state of Gujarat in India. It is one of the most visited beach destination of Gujarat and is popular among the tourists. Tithal Beach Valsad Gujarat It lies on the left bank of the Arabian Sea and is around seven kilometres by eight kilometres long. It has a low marsh and is surrounded by green rice fields. Its sandy beach has white sand on it. Many hotels are available here like luxury beach Vadhwa Beach, Aundh, Varka Beach, etc.

Tithal Beach Valsad is surrounded by green rice field and many temples located nearby it. The most popular temple located near it is Shri Vali Devikul temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god. Other than these there are many other smaller temples located on the beach near it. Tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach in this beautiful surrounding.

Valsad Lake is another tourist attraction in Valsad town. The lake is around twelve kilometres long and Valsad Lake is the largest inland sea pool in Gujarat. There are many hotels located near Valsad Lake shore. Hotel Taj Krishna, Hotel Pushpak, Hotel Anjuna and Hotel Kala Yatra are some of them. It has a picturesque beach and offers accommodation to those who come here for holidays.

Bhujang village is another interesting attraction located on the opposite side of Valsad Lake. It has a picturesque view of the Arabian Sea. It is surrounded by palm trees and hustling markets which sell all kinds of items. A small settlement named Bhujang is situated near it. The settlement was established in the year seventeen hundred by Bahadur Bedi who came from Delhi.

One of the best beaches in Gujarat is Beach Road. The beaches here are very long and stretches for more than a kilometre. One can find anything here from restaurants to sea resorts. Some of the popular beaches in Beach Road are Beach Drive, Beach Road South, Beach Road West and the beach named after a local street called “Babu”.

If we take a trip to South Goa, we will find another spectacular attraction. The City Palace is located here and is famous for its Portuguese architectural design. Tithal Beach Valsad Gujarat Another interesting beach here is City Beach. Beach Road and City Beach are two other important locales here. There are many hotels located here and they all boast of excellent facilities.