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Historically known as Bulsar, it is a small town and a municipal corporation in Valsad District of the state of Gujarat. It is located at the confluence of three rivers, Tourist Places In Valsad which are Ganga, Yago and River Jhilam. It was considered an important trading post by the British in India and was also called Bulsar until Independence. It is now known as a tourist place due to its beautiful river view.

The tourist places in valsad District are mainly spread around its two townships namely, Sonejand, which are located at the confluence of three rivers; Panchgani, which are situated at the junction of three rivers; and Banaras, which are at the confluence of four rivers. This small town and its neighbouring townships have been the focus of Valsad tourism for a long time. They were also the residence and the seat of many rulers. Some of the notable rulers of this region are Chittorgarh, Jats, Sawai Raja Ashoka, and later on Maharaja Sayaji.

Among the most popular tourist places in valsad are Jain Temples, Shankaracharya Temple, St. Thomas Basilica, St. John Cathedral, Jain Temple, Mahalkashmi Temple, Kundan Palace, etc. There are several other places which are worth visiting and exploring. Some of the places of interest in the valid region are the Shankaracharya Temple, St. Thomas Basilica, Jain Temples, Kundan Palace, Mahalkashmi Temple, etc. Tourists can also enjoy some shopping here. There are many fruit markets, clothing markets and many other such tourist places in valsad.

The most important tourist places in valsad are Panchgani, Akshardham, Mahalkashmi, Mahavir Nagar, Mahabaleshwar, Khardadvipur, Birla Temple, etc. Mahalkashmi and Akshardham are situated near the railway station. Panchgani is one of the oldest and richest cities of eastern India. There are many historical buildings and monuments in this city.

Tourist can also explore the caves of Magadh and the Velavadar in the northern part of Gujrarajasagar. A number of temples and other monuments of Lord Brahma are located near this place. Tourist can have a look at the lovely flower gardens of Vrindavan. All these tourist places in valsad are accessible by air, train, bus and water taxis.

The best option to reach all the tourist places in valsad is using an excellent rail network that connects the key destinations of Gujrarajasagar and the rest of the state. The train service operates through Vrindavan, Pune, Nasik, Surat, Kutch and others. The state-owned Shatabdi airlines offers airfare to all major cities in India. The airline has routes for Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kodaikanal and Delhi.