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The Episode begins with Tejo inquiring as to for what reason did you do this with me, you attempted to kill me. Fateh asks what. She says don’t act, don’t associate with me, avoid me Fateh. She goes. He pursues her. Angad says I knew it, you are Tejo, just Fateh can cause you to concede reality, I will perceive the way you get saved from me. Fateh requests that Tejo pay attention to him once. She says no. He holds her nearby and says I m exceptionally cheerful seeing you alive. She says you had one more opportunity to kill me, right. She goes.

He stops her and asks would I like to kill you. She says you have come to kill me, fine, kill me. He asks will I kill you, what are you talking about. She reprimands him. She says I know your and Jasmin’s reality now, I had seen you and Jasmin that day, you both attempted to kill me, I was consuming in the corridor, you both didn’t attempt to save me and recently watched, I had the lamp oil smell, I was racing to save my life, nobody came, I had seen somebody with a hoodie who touched off the lobby, for what reason did you do this. Fateh inquires as to how could I kill you, pay attention to me. She says ask yourself, you generally needed Jasmin, you both attempted to kill me. He asks what are you talking about, I might want to give my life for you. She says I have seen it. He says Jasmin and I don’t have the foggiest idea, we were outside the lobby, we didn’t see you, don’t do this. She says I m dead for you, I began my new life, let me live, remain away, I can’t stand you. She cries and takes off. He pursues her. She leaves in the vehicle. He stresses.

Jasmin and Amrik are with Fateh. She asks what, does Tejo think we attempted to kill her. Fateh says OK, she can’t stand us. She says now I comprehended the reason why she is taking off from us, she is frightened of us. He says for what reason will we kill her, Udaariyaan Written Update she said she had seen somebody touching off the fire, it implies it’s a preparation, she figures we did this. Jasmin says we can’t do this. Fateh asks who can profit from this. Amrik asks is it Angad. Jasmin says I have to take a hard pass, Angad needed to get Tejo, he was getting Tejo, yet we need to figure out who did this, we will go to Tejo and clear this, she figures I did this.

Tejo considers Fateh and cries. She thinks life is weird, I m arranged for anything. Jasmin expresses accompany us. Fateh says compelling reason need, she abhors me, she was frightened of me, don’t have any idea what all she has endured, I will kill that man who did this. Amrik asks how might we track down verification now. Fateh says I will observe that man, don’t have the foggiest idea how Tejo saved herself from that fire, Udaariyaan Written Update Today I won’t let her review that second. Amrik inquires as to whether that man attempts to kill her, we must accompany her. Fateh says OK, we need to cause her to accept that we need to save her.

Angad says I attempted that you come to me, yet you needed to go to Fateh, not done. He reviews his insidious wanting to wed Tejo. He says I need to express gratitude toward Fateh, presently I got to realize you are alive, Fateh will take you to India, I can’t allow this to occur, your section will end here. He takes shots at Tejo’s pic.

Mahi receives Abhiraj’s sorry messages and grins. She answers OK, I pardon you. Abhiraj says at last, you needed to concur, your siblings haven’t arrived, persuading you will be entertaining. Fateh remains outside Tejo’s home. Tejo sees the highly confidential reserve funds box. She believes now is the right time to set aside this cash. Wonderful asks Abhiraj for what reason is he cheerful. He says I have accomplished the work. She says Rupy gets you wrong. He says I will set him, sit back and relax. Its morning, Fateh, Amrik and Jasmin follow Tejo and request that she stop. Tejo leaves in the transport.

They follow her. Angad is some place. He says I need to end this section once more. Tejo asks was it less what you did in India, move away, I will call the police. Jasmin embraces her. Tejo requests that she stay away. Jasmin requests that she pay attention to them first. Tejo chastens them. Udaariyaan Written Update She says you and Fateh have harmed me. Fateh says you were going from my life, how could I kill you. Tejo says you got to know reality. Jasmin asks what truth. Tejo says I was disappearing by wedding Angad, you both would lack faulted for the cheat, Lord had something different arranged, so I got the pregnancy report as of now. They get stunned. Fateh embraces Tejo. Angad expresses out loud whatever happened to Tejo’s child, perhaps it got cut short, nothing happened to her. Tejo says you got frightened when you had some awareness of my child, so you arranged this, I got saved from that fire yet couldn’t save my child. They get stunned.