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The Unai Hot Water Spring, also known as the Fremont Inn, is located at the main intersection of Fremont and Ralston boulevards in bustling downtown Las Vegas. Located on the east side of Ralston and Fremont Boulevards, the Golden Nugget Inn is conveniently located just a short walk from the Vegas Strip. The Golden Nugget is a four star luxury hotel with over two thousand rooms, suites, and luxury suites. The hotel has been rated as one of the top Las Vegas hotels according to TripAdvisor.

las vegas hotels golden nugget
“We are pleased to offer our award-winning amenities and entertainment to our guests while they are in Las Vegas. Our luxurious suites and guestrooms offer an inviting and enjoyable stay. We have many types of activities and events for our guests, ranging from indoor/outdoor pools, to world class dining, to gambling and sports entertainment. Our restaurants serve world-class food and beverages and offer an eclectic and diverse menu. We offer nightly entertainment and dancing to live music in addition to nightly shows.

Our Unai Hot Water Spring are located just a short walk away from the famous Las Vegas Strip. The Golden Nugget Inn has a spectacular location, offering excellent customer service in both our lobby and reception areas. We are committed to providing you the ultimate Las Vegas experience by providing all of your needs. We offer an extensive range of amenities and services, including fully equipped business centers, state of the art meeting rooms, and a twenty-four hour front desk that handle all your scheduling needs. We also provide free valet parking and car service in each of our guestrooms.