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Historically known as Bulsar, Valsad Places To Visit is a large town and a municipal corporation within the region of Valsad division of the state of Gujarat. Barumal Shiv Temple It is also the district headquarters of Valsad subdivision. Like other cities and towns of Gujarat, Valsad has many landmarks and tourist attractions that should be explored during a trip to the city.

Valsad is surrounded by several lakes and rivers. It also has a picturesque landscape of rolling hills covered with pine forests. The beautiful lakes Valsad-Bhaskar are a must see if you come to this part of Gujarat. These lakes are surrounded by pictorial settings which make the visit worth it. Lake Mandovi, Lake Bhaskar and Lake Sindh are also visited by tourists from all parts of the world.

Apart from lakes, Valsad also boasts of medieval buildings and monuments. One such structure is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a converted Dominican church. The ruins of an ancient Chinese castle called the Ming Palace is a fascinating site to visit. Another worth visiting place in Valsad is Chisti’s Church, built in 14th century.

If you are interested in nature, then you should not miss a visit to the Verandas National Park. This park houses numerous bird species as well as a wide range of mammals. Another interesting place in Valsad is the Vishwanath Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishwanath, the God of Gods. This temple is constructed from the sands of Sitamata, one of the Sunnamic valleys.

One of the best places to shop in Valsad is the Vishwavidyar Emporium. This place has a wide range of items such as clothes, carpets and silverware. There are also several shopping malls here which sell all kinds of merchandise. Barumal Shiv Temple This place is also home to the Vimala Mall, the largest mall in Valsad.

The places mentioned above are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Valsad. Valsad Places To Visit Others include the towns of Kodaikanal and Shimla. You will find all these and many more on India’s golden triangle tour.

This hill station is unique in its way, since it can be visited by both car and a bike. However, it is important to get your transport before visiting this place. The main attractions of this hill station are the Sunita Ponds, Shankaracharya Temple, Manali station, Dal Lake and the Dal Lake Golf Course.

If you are looking for a peaceful environment, you must not miss a visit to the Shanta Durga temple. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga. This is a must visit place in the region as the view from here is totally picturesque. Also, there are several places of worship at Shanta Durga including the Shanta Durga Temple.

As you can see, Valsad Places To Visit is a small town rich in cultural heritage. You will also find here excellent accommodation options. You may opt for budget hotels or lodges. You can also go for good hotels or lodges that offer a good value for your money.