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A trip to the Saotra wildlife sanctuary and van Scha Ayun sanctuary is a great idea for your holidays in Thailand. You will get an opportunity to see some rare species of bird life, Vansda National Park Saputara to participate in some nature programs such as Elephant Family Care, and to go on a trek to the caves. It is located at Chaweng, Thailand. The itinerary will consist of a trip to the renowned vansda national park salutary and the nearby Samui island. Both these islands are famous for their beautiful beaches and forests. The animals are protected and there are some important sanctuaries as well.

The van Scha Ayun national park has been selected as one of the world’s top five wildlife sanctuaries. The reason why it has become so popular is because it contains the world’s only large collection of terrestrial and aquatic vertebrates, including a number of migratory birds. The park also boasts a large variety of large mammals, including deer, big cats, wild boar, jungle fowl, pigs, and a large variety of monkeys. You can view some of the animals from the air or from the ground.

The Elephant Family Care center has been established to help elephant orphans. During the rainy season (from December to March), you can volunteer to take care of elephants at the center by just making a phone call and arriving at the center early to register yourself, your vehicle and your guest. You can even volunteer to help train the elephants if you are interested. The Elephant Family Care center is open seven days a week throughout the year and you can access it through online booking.

Another wonderful idea is to visit the Samui island and Chaweng island and camp at one of the camping sites that are situated there. Many people prefer to camp at one of the camping sites situated in the national park since there is an ample supply of clean drinking water. The national park offers camping opportunities at several different locations including Chaweng, Lamai and Wat Chalong. When visiting the Chaweng Island, you can also visit Tong Takien and see firsthand what a beautiful place it is before you leave. This island is very picturesque and offers a variety of things for people to do.

Although there are camping grounds at several other places, the Samui island has the most ideal location for camping. One of the best things about camping at the salutary is that you can see very little of the surrounding area. There are a number of good hiking trails which lead you to the national park. Most visitors who choose to camp at the salutary prefer to do so at nearby camping sites located at Lamai bay or Chaweng.

If you are looking for a unique and exciting place to visit while you are on holiday, then the Sautara is the ideal place for you. It is a popular camping spot because of its unusual and picturesque scenery. Because this is a national park, Vansda National Park Saputara the camping sites are not much crowded and there is still plenty of space to explore the place. Camping at the salutary is a great experience and there are many tourist groups who choose to camp at the Samui salutary. You can find the cheapest rates at the camping sites around the national park and hike to the top of the Singharaja peak for some amazing views.