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Veera Da Dhaba Daman is a village located in the province of Bengal, India. It is a small town and has around five hundred and sixty families living mainly on the mud-floored rice terraces. The lake was formed many centuries ago and is in fact one of the oldest lakes in the world. Lake Vervain, which is located in the same province as Verveera, is in fact the biggest freshwater lake in the whole of India.

People who visit Verveera mostly visit the famous lake and marvel at its scenic beauty. This is a beautiful small village located amidst beautiful rice paddy fields. The villages are built on the slopes and are surrounded by lush green rice paddy fields. The main market street is Chittorgarh Road. The market is a nine-mound square where you can get many crafts and vegetables at very reasonable prices.

The markets of Verveera are always busy throughout the day with all the villagers and tourists coming to visit this small, beautiful village. This is the only seven-storied old building in the entire district of Bardhaman located above the water. There are around two hundred and forty Hindu devotees living here in this village. It is said that Lord Buddha once stopped his retreat here after hearing about the sufferings of these Hindu devotees of Verveera.

Dense rainforests of central India surround this lake and it is considered to be the largest one in Bardhaman. The Verveera Lake has a beautiful lake front, where boats are used for fishing. There is also a huge hotel resort here with about four hundred and fifty rooms. The hotel has all the modern amenities and there are a number of restaurants serving Chinese, South Indian and English food. This is also a gateway to the Indore region of Madhya Pradesh and has a railway station as well.

This village is only thirty-five kilometers from Indore and is on the right bank of the river Vardha. There are many lakes in and around Verveerganj including Lake Pichola, Velshi, Swarupur, Kaveri, Bicholim, etc. The most important of these lakes is Lake Pichola, Veera Da Dhaba Daman which is known for being a breeding ground for the breeding of rare species of birds. Lake Swarupur is very popular for its rich natural vegetation. Verveerganj was also identified as a site where Lord Krishana and Rama Lord Vishnu performed the meditation dance known as nandimukha.

This is a small, yet picturesque, town and there is a railway station and a bus stand on the main road. There are many guest houses, shacks and restaurants in and around the Daman area. The most famous restaurant in the area is ‘Nandimukha’, which is famous for its delicious seafood served with rice and vegetables.