Carpet Gripper

Carpet Gripper are narrow strips of plywood with rows of sharp pins that face upwards.

The pins are angled at 65 degrees to the horizontal, and are designed to grip the carpet quickly and firmly when it is stretched into position and placed on top.

Rug Gripper For Carpet

A constantly shifting rug is a true pain, and can force you to unnecessarily have to readjust it after moving furniture or when the pets run in. Thankfully, the best rug grippers are made with either adhesive or non-adhesive designs that tightly hold your carpet in place on your floors so you’ll never have to look at a rug out of place again. But, when shopping, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

Carpet Gripper Rods

Explore our range of carpet grippers to ensure your brand-new carpet stays in place and looks the part at the same time! We stock a selection of metal carpet grippers, wood carpet grippers, rods, strips, adhesive and more.

Carpet Gripper Strips || Travel Blog

The main difference between the rug grippers out there is whether or not they attach adhesively to the back of your rug, or simply work as a buffer between your carpet and floor. Depending on how expensive your rug is, you may want to invest in a non-adhesive option. While most quality adhesive rug grippers are designed to be damage-free and don’t leave behind glue on the reverse side of your rug, you can never be too careful with a pricey area rug you’ve invested in. For rugs that don’t have traditional corners, you’ll want to ensure you go with a customizable option that can be shaped to the edges of your rug or trimmed down to fit.

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